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1:1 Coaching Program 

This 1:1 coaching program is for new coaches who:

  • don't want to sacrifice time with their family

  • desire a successful coaching business (hello, clients!)

  • are ready to balance home and work with action

  • will throw the rule book out to create their own way

  • want to throw everything at it - your business, that is.

The Program

Over the course of 5 months, we'll break our 1:1 coaching down into 7 phases, see below for a break down of each phase. 

As an ICF credentialed coach, I know the power of coaching. I also know that sometimes more is needed. With your permission, I will use everything that I have at my disposal to support you in doing the work. 

Phase 1

We understand where you currently are, as this will help you get clear on where you are going. Yes, a lot of coaching programs include this piece, it's because it's so important! Creating awareness, without judgment, is where we start.

Phase 2

Next, we are going to goal-town. A coaching business is, afterall a business. And it's important that you treat it as such; that includes setting SMART goals, defining terms and using your critical thinking cap to flush out challenges and solutions. 

Your goals aren’t a destination, but where you start from.

Phase 3

This is where we turn our attention to you. You are your business. In this phase we will deep dive into you- who you are, your experiences, your skills, your knowledge and more.

Phase 4

Your clients are why you started your business (assumption on my part). Here we dig into who they are; including thoughts, assumptions, feelings, fears, challenges, desires. and secrets they don't even know. In order for you to speak to your client, it’s crucial that you know everything there is to know.


Phase 5

While you are your business, you are also more. In this phase we look at your life as a whole, how to integrate your business into your life and your life into your business. We talk about priorities, boundaries and how to balance it all.


Phase 6

Setting you up for long term success is how you will sustain your business. Every family is different and every business is different. Important here is to ensure your choices today support your goals for tomorrow.


Phase 7

What is success? How do you define failure? In addition to the goals that we have set and the roadmap in the last phase, we will get clear on where your business is headed and how you intend to get it there.

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