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Hi There!

I am Ciara Hendrickson, a certified coach who helps women in relationships master communication through awareness, compassion and trust.


One thing I am especially passionate about it is helping my clients tap into their own power to unleash their authentic communication style. 


Communication; like life, pizza & dance moves, is not a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL kinda situation.


Each individual person must identify what works for them, what triggers them, what they want & need in every situation, partnership and relationship. 

I wasn't always the authentic rockstar you see before you.

(I am only kind of joking!) 

For the last ten years, I have merely survived.


I have survived rejection, survived defeat, survived jobs, survived having no purpose & survived living an ocean away from my family and friends. (Well, I still choose to live in Munich, a world away from family & friends.)


At times I felt truly alone. I didn’t know what to do or even how to figure out what to do. I didn't know if I could turn it all around or what, if any, power I had over my own life. 


I met my partner almost 9 years ago and felt a connection instantly. For years, I kept telling myself, 'he needs to communicate better' or 'we don't speak the same language' or  'we just have different communication styles!'

Let me tell you what REALLY happened...


It took me years to learn, but when I did, I learned:

  •  what I wanted & expected from myself

  • what I needed from a relationship

  • how I could trust myself

  • endless compassion for myself & others, in all relationships

  • constant awareness of the consequences of my thoughts & actions

  • the intimate ways I needed to know myself before I could become fully commit to a loving & lasting partnership


What I learned through that process was that I wasn't actually learning how to communicate with him, I was learning how to communicate with MYSELF. Identify what I wanted & needed and learn to voice it in a compassion & respectful way. Understand my triggers and quirks and how to be compassionate with myself. And to fully trust in myself, knowing that when I tap into that unique authentic only-I-have-it badass communication powers, the possibilities are endless!

That journey was one of tears, hurt, misunderstandings and breaking points. 


There were times were I felt incredibly isolated & alone, despite my loving partnership. I had no voice, no vision, no compassion, no awareness and no trust, in myself.


What I did know however, was that I wanted something to change.


Enter inner work.

Enter doing hard things. 

Enter coaching and with it, curiosity.


I know, with every atom of my being, that coaching is TRANSFORMATIONAL.

I will tell anyone who asks. I will also tell a lot of people who don't ask (I'm working on it.)


The transformative power & magic of coaching has the ability to transform blind living to awareness, judgment to compassion, anger to understanding, confusion to clarity, uncertainty to confidence and lost to authenticity.


The magic my clients & I create together has the power to transform minds, hearts, relationships and lives.


My biggest passion is helping women, no matter where they are in their relationship journey, to become to best version of themselves, fostering change through communication.

I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all.


My authentic coaching style is creative & personal, client-led & powerful. My clients are the hero of the journey, I am just along for the ride. 


Are you ready to awaken new awarenesses, unimaginable compassion & build trust in an authentic way?

When you are ready, I have an amazing group coaching program:

Master Your Relationships


To learn more & sign up, simply click the link below 

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