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Coaching & Consulting Cornerstones

Hi gorgeous!

I’m so happy to be here and really looking forward to connecting with you! 

I’m Ciara, founder of Joyful Living & a mindset coach who helps women struggling with chaos and clutter transform their self-worth and overcome their shame to make more room for joy. 

For the last ten years I have lived miles, countries and an ocean away from my family and friends. At times, I felt truly alone. I know how relying on yourself and having no support system can place a huge emotional and mental burden on you.

To compensate for the loneliness, I started to accumulate things; a chair here, a stack of books there and before I knew it my small living space was cluttered and FULL of stuff. 

So there I was; far from home, with no career and tons of stuff. I was simply surviving and I felt alone.

This is where I started.

After self reflection and mindset work, my relationship with my things evolved. As I dug deeper and started to explore inner beliefs, I realised that the chaos and clutter that I had been holding on to had turned to joy and peace.

I now live a life in which I thrive. Every day I make choices that are truly inline with who I am & who I am becoming. My authentic self is finally shining through and it feels so true.

My life is by no means perfect and somedays it is easier than others. But my life is mine and I am proud of it. 

I choose to live everyday better than the last, focusing on the present and embracing the moment. 

When you commit to doing the work on yourself and transforming your inner world, you can change your outer world entirely. With room for joy!

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