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As coaches, w spend so much time fosuing on our clients, their needs that sometimes we forget to fill our own cup, breathe. THis is your permision slip, your reminder and your chance to put on your own oyxygen mask first andin order to better support your clients. 

Over 3 months, you will learn, grow, be challaneged and meet new friends. 


How do I know if this is for me? 

If you:

  1. Are a coach

  2. You are in the process of getting certified

  3. You have certified recently

  4. You are in the process of getting your accreditation

  5. You woke up one morning & thought, damn. I think i'll be a coach

  6. You know you want to serve, but you don't know who

  7. You know you have a lot to offer, but you don't know how

  8. You know you are made to do great things, and be more than your singular self, but you don't understand what that looks like

  9. You are not connecting to your ideal client and so you aren't attracting them

  10. Have offers, but no one is buying them.

  11. Have social media, but it's not working

  12. Are not getting any clients into your business

Any of those a yes?  Then you'll be right at home here. 

Whether you're a new coach who needs foundations that work from the beginning, or a certified coach who isn't seeing as much success as you'd like:  take a deep breath of OXYGEN.


Program Overview:


For those who love a good plan, (me too!) here are the logistics of Oxygen. 

Over 3 months, there will be

  • 3 months

Over 4 weeks, we will have 5 group calls, each lasting approximately 60 minutes. During the group calls we will create a safe space for everyone to be open, honest, vulnerable & raw. 

Included are also TWO private 1:1 coaching sessions, lasting 60 minutes each. These sessions are your personal space to explore anything that is coming up for you as we journey through new growths, new insights & some stark truths.

A workbook, yours to download & keep, joins you on your journey to support you, facilitate curiosity, serve as your journal & general guide through this personal process. 

You will never be alone, as the private Facebook group will be available 24/7 to vent, ask questions, connect with other group members, as well as get feedback, support & love. 


The total investment for this group coaching program is 990€ 

Payment plans are available.


Please note: this program will only be offered once at this price and then it doubles!

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