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Master Your Relationships

Change through Communication

During our 4 weeks together, we will focus on getting curious about YOUR communication patterns; what is working, what isn't & how it affects your relationships. We will ask some deep questions, get some honest answers & create a new awareness based on what works for YOU. 

We will get curious to create new awareness of your personal & authentic communication style.

We will dig deep to foster new understandings of your personal communication habits

(both positive & unhelpful).

We will make room for cultivating compassion; for ourselves, our partners and others. 


Who would benefit from this?


Women in relationships, whether they are solid are a rock or on rocky ground, I believe all relationships can benefit from this inner work. 

If you want to start living more in alignment with your authentic self, with complete awareness of your thoughts, words & actions in order to communicate with ease, this program is for you!

This is for women who are committed to making a change, opening their hearts and for those who are ready to do the work. 


Program Overview:

Over 4 weeks, we will have 5 group calls, each lasting approximately 60 minutes. During the group calls we will create a safe space for everyone to be open, honest, vulnerable & raw. 

Included are also TWO private 1:1 coaching sessions, lasting 60 minutes each. These sessions are your personal space to explore anything that is coming up for you as we journey through new growths, new insights & some stark truths.

A workbook, yours to download & keep, joins you on your journey to support you, facilitate curiosity, serve as your journal & general guide through this personal process. 

You will never be alone, as the private Facebook group will be available 24/7 to vent, ask questions, connect with other group members, as well as get feedback, support & love. 


The total investment for this group coaching program is:



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