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"You're an amazing coach. You make me feel heard, safe and understood. I don't feel judged or stupid for feeling my feelings and I always come away with a little more trust in myself to know what the right things to do are. You give me the space to say what's on my mind but don't let me spiral too far into the black holes; you're incredibly good at bringing the focus back to the goal at hand and what I CAN do without making me feel cut off, unheard or like your agenda is more important than mine. You're going to do such great things for so many people, they don't know how lucky they are."

Kyli, United Kingdom

"I had a clarity session with Ciara recently which was a real eye opener for me. Ciara dug a little deeper and we soon came to the realisation on where that feeling was coming from and why that feeling was there. …Ciara took it up a notch and patiently unpacked a few things. She is such a beautiful and patient soul. Ciara made me feel like I’m not on this journey on my own, she celebrated and cried with me. I could not thank her and recommend her enough. If you are looking for someone that will get to the bottom of the problem and will do it with care, respect and place of warmth and purity then contact Ciara. "

Arti, United Kingdom

"Working with Ciara has been so helpful for me to get clarity around the issues I was struggling with. She is patient and asks really thoughtful questions to inspire. I felt empowered and motivated afterwards."

Heather, Scotland

"Ciara is always able to help me see the positives and helped me transform my mindset and therefore my life to what I truly want."

Anonymous, Germany

"I would highly recommend working with Ciara. She will gently ask the provoking questions you need to hear and answer to get to where you want to be. I liked her approach. I really like how Ciara asked the right questions, so much that it triggered emotions, desires I wasn't consciously aware of. Her calmness made me feel at ease and allowed me to be open during our first session! and I'm a private person so it tell you a lot just there! The session left me really motivated to do something I knew I wanted to do but somehow could do."

Sabrina, France

“I really felt uplifted after the session. You're questions really made me think about why my experiences and fears are actually leading me to where I need to be. I realise now that I shouldn't be ashamed of my "weakness" as they make me more motivated to reach for my goals."

Cassey, United Kingdom

"One of Ciara's greatest strengths is verbal organization- she keeps me on track and helps me meet my goals."

Anonymous, United States

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