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Authentically & Wholeheartedly

“Authentically & wholeheartedly serving my clients.”

This is the sentence that has come up multiple times over the last few days.

Instead of keeping this to myself, I am choosing to honour this realization with this post (and some Rosé) 🥂

You may be wondering, what does serving authentically & wholeheartedly mean, Ciara?

Let me tell you…

What does authenticity mean to me?

Authenticity, for me, cannot exist in my work alone. Serving my clients authentically has to start with me; how I live my life & the choices I make & the journey that I am on. I am so grateful to have found my life’s purpose - it is life changing.

When authenticity first exists in me, only then can it come through naturally & organically to my work. This looks like coming to a client session with an open heart and a curious mind.

As a coach, my goal in my business (and life) is to serve my clients in the best way possible. That doesn’t mean telling them what to do, or giving advice, it means getting curious WITH them, walking the journey together to create the life they want & deserve.

I believe that my clients already have the strength, courage, wisdom, & fire within them to ignite their life to look & feel how they have always dreamed. I have found my fire & let me tell you… That is one hot flame!

Opening the doors for my client to experience this level of passion for life is truly a joy & honour to witness.

What does wholeheartedness mean to me?


Our life, our relationships & our journey is a process. By creating awareness of this process and owning our story at every moment is, for me, what living wholeheartedly is all about.

Creating moments during the process to honour, mourn, love, laugh, cry, breathe, double down, let go & take the next step allows us to fully be & own our story, our journey & our life.

This realization brings such a level of clarity, awareness & joy to my business that I didn’t imagine possible.

They say you should love what you do. What if you do what you love?

So, I will leave you with this…

Are you living authentically & wholeheartedly?

Are you?

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